From time to time we get asked questions about our products, shipping and what the winning lottery numbers will be (just kidding, if we knew we promise we'd tell you though).  In order to try and make your shopping experience with The Peanut Man as straight-forward as possible we have compiled a list of our most frequent questions. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, we welcome your questions. Please feel free to email or call, and we will get back to you faster than you can crack a peanut.

The PeanutMan FAQsAre your products gluten free?

The PeanutMan FAQsAre your products nut free?

The PeanutMan FAQsCan you give discounts on big orders?

The PeanutMan FAQsDo you stock sugar free candy?

The PeanutMan FAQsDoes The Peanut Man offer wholesale pricing for resale?

The PeanutMan FAQsHow is shipping handled?

The PeanutMan FAQsI’m having a candy buffet at my upcoming event. When should I place my order?

The PeanutMan FAQsWhat is the minimum order amount?

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