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About The Peanut Man

What is The Peanut Man?

The Peanut Man is a family owned and operated candy, confection, and nut store with three locations in the Greater Columbia area of South Carolina. With much more to offer than simply peanuts, we specialize in handmade chocolate, pralines, gourmet popcorn, old fashioned candy and gummies, Jelly beans and hard to find candies. We just recently opened our new Chocolate Factory/CAFE and are serving breakfast and lunch and coffee and Desserts!!

We started with and continue to serve our famous hot boiled peanuts (Carolina Boiled or Low Country Cajun) which we sell in all of our stores every day.


Who is The Peanut Man?

“We first started our business in 2008 after being laid off from our jobs as a result of the economic downturn. Rather than trying to get another job we decided to work towards turning our dreams into reality. We bought a cart and Chris (The Peanut Man) pitched himself in various spots around Columbia selling boiled peanuts. Fast forward to present day, and we have 3 stores- our newest being the Chocolate Factory/CAFE at 3905 Fernandina Road."

"Here at The Peanut Man we believe that providing our customers with a first class service while serving high quality products is at the heart of our business. If you would like more information or to talk to us more about this please email us. We would love to hear from you!"

- Chris and Carrie Hinely